Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our blood runs Green

The Rainbow Nation (that would be SA for the history challenged) is boasting 2 of its colors. Those would be green and yellow; the colors that robe the mighty SA Rugby team.

Saturday the SA Springboks faced the defending World Cup Champions, England, in the World Cup Rugby final to take home the title!

Rich joined some SA fans at a watch party while I chose to spend a relaxing night of solace (after the kids went to bed of course) on my couch with the game muted and a good book in hand. Honestly, I am not a Rugby fan; I really don’t get the game. In fact as I watch grown men chase an odd shaped ball around the field, tackling each other while wearing no protective garments other than a mouth guard I can’t help but think, Lord, please don’t let my son choose this sporting event during his school sport's career.

I don’t understand the concept of tackling just as hard-core as in football wearing nothing other than shorts, a jersey minus any padding and mouth gear. I guess they figure if injuries amount to crippling or dementia at least they’ll still have nice teeth???

I will say, this country has a lot of National pride. The streets at 11:00 p.m. were packed with fans... cars were honking, flags were flying, drunks were doing things I can’t mention on my G-rated blog, all in rallying behind our nation and its victory.

I guess in an odd way this helps mend my wounds over this year’s Super bowl disaster. My Bears couldn’t pull through but with now being a South African resident I guess my blood does run green and therefore, I can proudly say, we are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!

Way to Go Springboks!!!


michelle f said...

I realize this was not on my list of "upcoming features" but I figure 'jet-lag' pales in comparison to being a World Champion. :-)

Karenkool said...

Woohoo! I love rugby. My brothers played, one into his late 30s. It's wicked and brutal. Oh--MY NIECE played too!!! A girl after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Rugby - football, it's all the same to me...yuck! I'm just glad you are back showing up on my list of favorite people to visit :) It's just been too long, way too long!

gaylafriend said...

Congrats! That is very fun news.

Just Mom said...

"Lord, please don’t let my son choose this sporting event during his school sport's career."

My thoughts exactly when it comes to my son and sports. That means we're good mommies, right?

Congratulations to your rugby team.

Heidi Jo said...
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Heidi Jo said...

you have to take victory where you can get it. looking at your bears...this might be the closest you'll get for a while:0)

Beth said...

World Champions—wow!

Our Colorado Rockies are the rage at present . . . funny, David was always kind of somewhat conscious of their existence. But NOW, of course he is a RAGING FAN. : )