Monday, August 06, 2007

Special Talents

Remember the 80's song, Walk Like an Egyptian? Okay, I can hear you singing it and I can see some of you doing the funky head and hand movements. You go gals!

Well, I am learning to Walk like and African; balancing things on my head that is. The no photo of me with cargo on my head may be a good indication as to my progress or lack there of .

So tell me what is your special talent?


Jane-Jane said...

even tho' I have no children of "my own".... I can rock like a mommy! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! to rock a baby. If there is a baby around, my husband checks his watch to see how long till the child is in my arms...typically me rocking, snuggling or swaying them while I enjoy the conversation of others.

Nothing better than a baby in my arms. There are times when I am thankful that I don't have children... hear me out! If I had children of my own, I would be tending to their needs instead of helping moms with their babies! God is good in comforting my heart!

God has gifted me to listen to the cries of a baby... I am happy to use my talents for His glory and not my own! Thanks for reminding me about God's plan for my life!

So there you have it... I rock like a mommy!

nickernoodle said...

I LOVE to dance. I am pretty good at it too! I finally talked Craig into taking ballroom lessons with me. I am also trying to get an adult tap class started here in Wtn. So there, I like to dance. I was singing the song and doing the head and hand movements here in my office. :)

michelle a said...

I can do that Jennifer Lopez hip dance. Really. I can:-)

Teresa said...

I can carry 3 kids and a bag of groceries all at the same time. :)

~Ginger said...

I can blog and tune out everyone else in the room just like a guy when he watches TV. That's about it for my talents :)

Cool side note. We had TM kids and a mom and daughter on our flight home from Dallas. It was fun to hear them talking. The mom was wiped out after two weeks in Peru. It made me think of Alicia and how we waited at the airport for her to come home from her trips. It was fun!

gaylafriend said...

I know the lyrics to just about every song I've ever heard. There are two new TV shows here in the states called the Singing Bee and Don't Forget the Lyrics. My friends keep telling me I need to go on and win a chunk of change! :-)

ps- holdin' out for some photos of you w/ a water bucket on your head!

Beth said...

Wow . . . it's pretty hard to top that one. I can raise my voice loud enough to be heard above all of my kids making a lot of noise at the same time. I know, my talent amazes all. : )

I think we need to get MA to YouTube her JL dance. : )