Sunday, August 19, 2007

A post from Skyler

While my mom is away her daughter will play. So here goes….

I posted a picture of me and my Aunt Joy. She was here visiting this summer (our winter) for 5 weeks. I really had a lot of fun with her. In fact, I cried buckets when she had to go back to the States. Here is a little poem I wrote about my special Aunt Joy Joy. Oh, by the way for some reason we all refer to her as ‘Joy Joy’ and at first my sister Tori called her ‘Joe Joey’. It made me laugh.

My Aunt Joy Joy

My Aunt Joy Joy always played Phase Ten with me.
My Aunt Joy Joy always sang with me (Highschool musical songs).
My Aunt Joy Joy always watched movies with me.

But then one day she had to leave South Africa.

I know she is a treasure in my heart and will never leave.

I love my Aunt Joy Joy!

By Skyler Grace Franzen

**Special addition from mom Franzen** (okay so I am not really gone…hee!)
This is a picture of the Joy shrine that hangs next to Skyler’s bed. It is the hand written version of the poem noted above and a picture of Joy when she was in high school.
So a visit from you too might warrant a special poem and place on Skyler's wall.


Karenkool said...

That's awesome!!! Loved your tribute Skyler.

Anonymous said...

I don't like those times of saying goodbye to people we love so much, but I always have to remind myself of what a wonderful blessing it is that God allows us those precious times of sharing times in our lives to make wonderful and special memories to hold within our hearts forever.

I'm glad you will always have Joy Joy in your heart, Skyler. You are both very beautiful.

I hope to meet you and your mom someday :)

Tami said...

You are a very good writer Skyler. I loved the poem to your Aunt. It IS hard to say goodbye, that's why I always say "See you later." Then it doesn't seem like it will be long before we see each other again.

Just Mom said...

That is a beautiful poem, Skyler, and a wonderful guest post.

BTW, Mom Franzen, how long until Skyler gets her own blog?????

nickernoodle said...

I am on my way if I get a good poem about me too! I do hope to meet each and every one of my blogger friends someday! I already started, Just Mom and I had lunch last week. How long of a flight is it?! :)

Highday said...

What a special poem. I loved reading it. You are an excellent writer!


gaylafriend said...

"cried buckets"... that is so British/Australian/South African! I love it!

Keep 'em coming, Skyler!

Lisa H said...

What a sweet poem to your aunt, Skyler! Love the picture too--you both look beautiful! :)

Beth said...

How is it possible you are only 8?! That was amazing! You are a very talented little girl . . . and your Aunt Joy is probably missing you just as much.

Molly said...

Matt said he saw Jenn and Joy. I hope I get to meet her!

Stolmit said...

Skyler may become a great writer one day. I already see it happening.

Shanygne said...

Nice job, Sky!!

I hate goodbyes, too.