Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Special Mother's, Day

No, I don’t have my holidays mixed up, it is a very special mother’s, day today. It is my mom’s b-day so I wanted to highlight her on my blog today.

There really are so many things to say about what a wonderful person and mother she is and I probably don’t say these things enough. What stands out to me today is that no matter what the age a mom’s love is always desired and wanted. Although I am thirty-something and am a mommy to 3 of my own I still find myself on many occasions literally saying, “I want my mommy”. To which my 5 year old, son always replies with a puzzled look on his face, “You are the mommy”….like hello, did ya forget. I hope one day when he is out from under my roof that he will understand the phrase.

There is something special about a mother’s love that is hard to pull away from. Selfishly it is usually when I am sick or exhausted that I utter that phrase….ironically, I am not feeling well today so am missing her all the more. Mom’s just have a way of making everything better!

I am grateful to have a good relationship with my mother. Although thousands of miles and an ocean separate us we still talk almost every day via email or over the webcam (thank God for technology). And I know that nothing can separate my mother’s love from me so mom today I want to say more than just Happy Birthday…. Mom, I don’t tell you enough that I love you too and miss having you around! You are a wonderful mother, thank you for years of unconditional love and sacrifice! (Okay, I don’t know about you but I am an emotional wreck right now)
Oh, and “I want my Mommy”!


~Ginger said...

Beautifully said Michelle. Being a mom who is far away from her daughter I can just imagine how your mom's heart is feeling right now. Even though you are a grown woman you will always be her little girl. As a mother it is important to always be needed.

Happy Birthday Michelle's Mom! We are blessed because of you! Thank you for giving this world your wonderful daughter. May your day be a day of joy and love and laughter. May your heart feel the hugs and love of your family even though they are far away.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'll bet your Mom had a grin from ear to ear, and tears streaming down her face as she read your tribute to her! Great!!!

Lisa H said...

Happy Birthday to your special mom! That is such a sweet tribute to her--I'm sure she feels so blessed to have you for her daughter!

I sometimes feel like my mom is SO far away (she lives in Washington), but I think you've given me a new perspective on that--at least we're in the same country!

nickernoodle said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom! Happy Birthday to her and a job well done on raising a great daughter! I second the thank goodness for technology! So much better than writing letters back and forth and the dreaded international phone bills!

Anonymous said...

Well you did it - managed to get me bawling first thing today after reading your blog (sobbing more like it). Thank you darling for the wonderful tribute. I know I did a good job because I have such a wonderful daughter whose serving the Lord with her whole family and sacrificing so much.
I miss you too - more than you can imagine. So let's stop crying now and spend the rest of the day reflecting in our mutual admiration.
I love you to bits!!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Michelle's Mom! You couldn't have stated a mother's role any better Michelle! I think many of us feel the same way.
Your Mother is beautiful and she did an amazing job raising you to be the amazing woman you are today.
(let me know if she ever starts a blog, I would love to gain some of her wisdom!) :)

Dawnelle said...

Happy b-day to your mom! And a hug to you, too.

Heidi Jo said...

very nice tribute michelle...happy birthday mom (michelle and i are twins seperated at birth and by a few years too:-)

Tami said...

That was beautiful, got my eyes all prickly and teary. I've been lucky enough to have my mother in the same town as me for the past 10 years, but may soon lose her to another town soon. My father has just been laid off from his job and they may have to move to find work. I'm am dreading that beyond reason. I know she'll be just a phone call a way, but she's my best friend, not just my mom.

So, your blog today has hit a chord in me today. I think I'll call my mom right now and tell her I love her.

And, before I forget...Happy Birthday Michelle's Mom. May all your wishes come true on your special day.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to your Mommy!

I miss mine too.

0:) Amber

Just Mom said...

I want my mommy, too!

Happy Birthday, Michelle's Mom.

Beth said...

Very sweet. You are blessed indeed!