Saturday, June 23, 2007

Celebrating My Sky

My Skyler Grace turns 8 today and it is time to brag (as a parent I have bragging rights)!

For those of you that knew Skyler at a very young age will attest to the fact that although a fun, chipper child she was a tad on the difficult side as well! She was (and I stress the verb was) my most difficult child. From the womb she was verbose, precocious, strong-willed and clever. She remains all those things but has really softened around the edges.

Today she is a sweet, generous girl with a very tender heart toward the things of the Lord! Rich and I could not be more proud of her. We get reports all the time of what a lovely, well-mannered, Godly child she is and we can’t agree more.

Even this past week in Zambia together she blew me away. It wasn’t the way she braved the squatty potties, or how she endured the bucket showers, or sleeping in a tent on rocks, or even eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday (which she hates) it was that fact we were able to experience it together! What a special time and memory made! Note to self, next time let’s choose a 5* hotel for our memory making trip. Hee!

My Sky, you are a very special girl and I love you with my whole heart!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Jane-Jane said...

memory building is so needed between mom's and daughters. I'm so glad that you had this opportunity to serve and bond at the same time. I love that she has kids on her hip... training to be a mommy!

Lisa H said...

Sounds like you are bringing up a lovely young woman! Happy Birthday to her!

Glad you guys survived the trip! :)

Penless Thoughts said...

What wonderful memories you are making for her. She sounds, and I am sure is, delightful. Thanks for honoring her and sharing her a little bit with us.

Anonymous said...

That's my amazing and wonderful grand daughter all right!! And boy do we miss her so much. She is already doing great exploits for God and I know is going to be a powerful young woman when she grows up and will change nations.
Another happy birthday to you Sky - we love you.
Grandma Millie
P.S. You and your Mom sure don't take after me - I can't handle roughing it!

Juli H said...

What a special time for you and Skyler! Tell her Happy Birthday from all of us at Crosby Church. I know I told Rich but please tell Sky too that we so much enjoyed her joining us the week we were there in January. I know God has some awesome plans for her life.

nickernoodle said...

What a sweet girl! Its amazing to see a child that is raised in a Godly home and starts to do the same as their parents. It melts my heart in church when I see small kids raising their hands during worship and tears rolling down their cheeks. They are going to be the future of the world and what a wonderful world it will be! Happy Birthday Sklyar from the Pendleys all the way in South Dakota!!! Maybe some day our kids will meet and be able to play!! :)

Heidi Jo said...

so is she like you or rich more? this is a great tribute to a beautiful young lady!

Shanygne said...

OH, how we love that girl!! It's so incredible to remember how the girls used to vie for top dog at TM's daycare and then gave it up to have dual reign... a beautiful friendship began... I hope it never ends.

Lori B said...

Happy Birthday to Sklyer. She does sound like a wonderful young gal.

Teresa said...

Your heart must overflow as you watch Skyler in action with the less fortunate of the world. Like mother, like daughter....near as I can tell.
Happy Birthday Skyler! :)

Just Mom said...

"We get reports all the time of what a lovely, well-mannered, Godly child she is and we can’t agree more."

She's obviously been watching you and Rich.

A very Happy Birthday (although belated) to a remarkable young lady.

Momma Roar said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter - my oldest turned 5 on Saturday. It is always fun to find someone to share a birthday with. Belated birthday wishes all the way from pennsylvania.

~Leigh Ann

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Skyler!

Reminds me of her 2nd birthday party . . . remember I was home sick (pregnant). David was suppose to go with Ashley and Jay to Skyler's party . . . instead he dropped them off and went to the movies with another dad who was suppose to be at the party—very embarrassing (even if it is 6 years after the fact!) : )

Sohailah said...

so sweet! Wow - you have an 8 year old!

and your eight year is super lucky to have you as a mama!