Wednesday, May 09, 2007

(Scary) Show and Tell

This seems to be a growing phenomenon in the blog world. It is based on the same premise as it was back in kindergarten. To show and tell about something unique, exciting and enjoyed. I however will add a different twist. Although mine is unique, it is not exciting or enjoyed (by me anyway) thus this post will be slathered in sarcasm and hopefully in the end it will bring you enjoyment. And NO it is not “the cake” again!

My Feature Choice = My Master bathroom

I heard you gasp! Puuurrty isn’t it? And yes, this really is my master bathroom. This closet like bathroom is adorned floor to ceiling in a lovely brown and avocado flower tile...

The basin has a matching avocado color seat...such a nice touch! Can someone say “70's”! (Michelle A, spare yourself and stop reading now as it gets much worse!)

As for the curtains they were left by the last residents and I just didn’t feel this bathroom deserving of new ones. As a whole this bathroom obviously has not earned an ounce of my attention…it is a rental and we are hoping and praying we will own someday soon thus my lack of motivation to upgrade.

Okay hold on to your seats (no pun intended) as this is my favorite feature….

Is that a picture of your cars you may be asking?

Well this lovely avo and brown bathroom comes with an escape route in the event you have the “runs”—HA! That is our garage and the ONLY entrance to the house from the garage is THROUGH OUR BATHROOM. Talk about a privacy problem! I won’t bore you with (or maybe I will) how many times I have been doing business and someone carts an arm load of groceries past me, a bat and ball to go out a play or decides to fetch some water for the dog (my son fills the dogs water bowl from my bath tub..nice eh?)…the list goes on.

When these intrusions come my husband always reminds me, “During the day this is not a bathroom it is a passage way.” How many of you have this double feature? Jealous aren’t you? I’ve just made your day haven’t I; for as bad of a day that you may have had you can at least rest in the fact that you don’t have a bathroom as ugly as mine. (wink)

I am not fond of my bathroom but I am grateful for it..well for the plumbing anyway and for a place to sit (at night) when business calls. I keep reminding myself, “It could be worse.”…not sure how much worse but at least it keeps me going. I am full of puns aren’t I…ha! I know you could easily add something else but just let it go“Go” there it is again….gotta love bathroom humor!

If you enjoyed this show-n-tell stay tuned as maybe next week I will feature the kid’s bathroom. It is lovely oatmeal and burnt orange. Until then remember… “In everything give thanks!”


Penless Thoughts said...

What a great post. Who would have "thunk" it!!! Is this a common practice there? Surely there are locks on the doors!!!Thanks for sharing something I've never known ANYONE else to have.

Lori B said...

Michelle, This was a neat post.
Thanks for sharing. You made me smile this morning. I agree though why put work and money into a rental home.

Karen said...

OOohh so fancy!!! HAHAH. Hey. My master bathroom runs a close second to yours, and WE OWN IT!! Someday... aaahh, someday it could happen. A renovation like Michelle A's. I'm kind of jealous about your door into the garage though!!

Heidi Jo said...

i love the garage attachment. i would go in to do my business and sneak out for a few hours of blissful ALONENESS. leaving dad to wonder or it!

Jennifer Pendley said...

Hey at least you have a bathroom! It is lovely though. I'm kidding!! You poor thing. At least its only a rental and someday you will find something better! Until then, I hope everything works itself out okay!!! (dry bathroom humor is all I have, sorry!)

~Ginger said...

Michelle, this was you at your finest! I just can't wait for Michelle A to comment, hehe!

Thankin' God here that you have a potty to pee in my friend. I don't have the extra door, but when the kids were little it sure felt like the doors were revolving whenever I needed my private time.

Thanks for sharing your haven of rest :) (Glad it wasn't a cake story, but that sure was lots of fun)

Teresa said...

Loved the show and tell! Nothing witty to add here....still laughing at your humorous take on the bathroom!

rachel said...

Oh my goodness. The passageway is the biggest shocker of it all! You kinda have a little bit of shabby chic potential...kinda. :) Thanks for sharing. I love seeing into people's worlds. Quirks are fun!

So you think I should go for it and get those special jeans!? :)

Dawnelle said...

Oh, my gosh~ I was cracking up reading about the DOOR from the garage!

Just Mom said...

You know ... seeing as most kids often have to use the potty just as you need to leave the house, this feature actually comes in handy. Do your business and go.

Thanks for the side-splitting laughs.

~ Amy ~ said...

Wow, I'm speechless. I hope you find that dream home soon!

michelle a said...

You are hilarious Michelle! I love that it has an escape route. That is my absolute favorite part. I think I would use that to my advantage. "Kids, don't bother Mommy. I need some alone time in the bathroom." Then I would take off in the car somewhere. They would never know :-)

Hey- on a serious note. At least it is neutral. I think it's very beachy feeling and quite calming.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of where you live. I LOVE to see people's homes. I have a bad habit of looking in people's windows at night. (Don't worry though it's from the car!)