Monday, April 16, 2007

The What Award?

Well Just Mom tagged me as a thinking blogger. Thanks Aisha but honestly I am not sure what I cause people to think about and it is probably safer not to know. (HA)

I read the rules and about the blogger that started this whole thing and honestly I still don’t completely understand the point. I also refuse to use that four letter word that goes along with this award (M_m_ ) on this post or any post hereafter.

Anyway, I am flattered that someone has expressed interest in my blog and feels it causes them to think. I don’t feel I tackle real brain stammering topics and that is done on purpose as I can be quite profound…hee! I am an upbeat; glass is half-full type person that finds this blog thing an outlet of sorts. In turn my posts follow suit. I believe in being real and live in a place where I daily see atrocities that plague good people. But even in hard times I try to find creative, interesting ways to express myself, my feelings and my heart.

I am constantly perplexed at what and with whom this world of blogging has opened up. I am also grateful for new friends, encouragement from across the seas and those that bring a smile to my face day in and day out.

In short, thanks for sticking with me for whatever reason you find you read the franzenfam!


gaylafriend said...

All I know is- I am truly thankful, blessed, and just plain 'ole GLAD to have found you again, friend! Amazing that w/o blogging we probably would NEVER had have connected again on this side of eternity. So whatever you blog or think about- I'm just glad you are "here."

Lori B said...

I enjoy reading your blog.
I agree blogging has been a fun way to make lots of new friends.
Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Karen said...

I love the connection! I always enjoy your blog posts. Thanks for participating in all the fun ;-D

Penless Thoughts said...

I for one read your posts because I like the person I "see" and "hear". I also like getting a little glimpse in the world of those in far away places I'll never "see" with my own eyes. You give me a chance to "see" through yours. I thank you very much for that. It is a real blessing to my life.

Heidi Jo said...

do i really need to tell you why i love your blog? you must already know.

as for the MEME word! YUCK! relating to my post today, i feel the same way about the word PLAYDATE! maybe if it had a different name i wouldn't cringe so at the thought of, "moms getting together to drink some wine while the kids wreck someone else's house..."
that would be a shoe in for me:-)

if you lived here in my town, or if i lived in SA, you might make my playdate list:-)

Just Mom said...

Glad to see you're displaying the award proudly. You definitely deserve some kind of recognition for that awesome post about the cake. ;-D

Actually, all your posts make me think about what a selfless person you are to devote your time to others (including your hubby and your children).

~Ginger said...

I think we have related on several topics (one which we shall never bring up again :)
I love you for who you are and for what you have given your life to.
Thanks for sharing the everyday life of Michelle and the not so everyday life of Africa.
Can't wait until we meet. What a day that will be!!!!

Lisa H said...

Keep on writing, and we'll keep on reading! Your blog is fun and inspiring and you seem like such a genuine person. :)