Friday, April 20, 2007

Roger and Michbert

With the weekend quickly approaching I thought I would share some reviews of recently viewed movies. Please remember I live in Africa so I am sure these are all now rentals that can be found at your local Blockbuster.

Typically, I am not one to volunteer my opinion on movies as I know it can cause quite a controversy but these are all placid, easy going movies with commendable characters…like Hannibal Lector…..JUST KIDDING!

Faith like Potatoes
A friend of mine stuck this in my hands and said you have to watch this (it’s the whole missionary thing).

It is a bit slow at times and not the best production but it is all filmed right here in South Africa. Based on a true story, a washed up Zambian farmer moves his family to South Africa to start fresh. During desperate times he finds God and takes Him at His word. Incredible things begin to transpire and God continues to use Angus Buchan in powerful ways all over the globe.

There is a bonus 54 minute documentary on Angus Buchan that is nothing short of inspiring! A beautiful story of God’s desire to use the meek and the willing!

Just another good ole performance from our beloved canine!
Caution!! There is one scene that can bring great distress to sensitive children. Blake did not blink an eye but Skyler was a wreck!

Pursuit of Happyness
Another slow moving predictable movie yet if given a chance it is a precious story based on true facts.

Meet the Robinsons
I thought this kid’s movie was fantastic! Definitely the best kid’s (and Disney movie for that matter) I have watched in a looooooong time.

I can’t remember one negative word and even the “evil villain” receives a happy ending in this film! The story line is well developed, has a point and is a good one. Despite the fact that the whole futuristic thing wasn’t crystal clear for my little ones it was still good viewing (esp. for $1.25).

Well there is my 2 cents or 0.003 rand! Now it is your turn….give us all a thumbs up movie you’ve recently seen or feel free to give my recommends rebuttal!


Heidi Jo said...

i've never even heard of "meet the robinson's" but i so appreciate a critque of kid friendly movies.

funny how those old classics can cause such heartache with our little ones isn't it?

i LOVE the old movies. we watch shirley temple movies, pollyanna, hot lead cold feet, herbie the love bug (orginal), with the kids. at first i expected them to be uninterested because of the lack of showiness...but i think that's what strikes them as so different.

Lori B said...

We've seen the Pursuit of Happiness."
That was a very good movie.

I haven't seen any of the other movies. I will have to check into it.

Have you seen Charlotte's Web?
We enjoyed that movie.

Just Mom said...

OK. I live in the U.S. and you live in South Africa, right? Why is it, then, that I'm the one who's never seen any of these movies?

Thanks for the reviews. "Meet the Robinsons" sounds like something Alex might enjoy.

Rachel said...

Hi Michelle! So good to read your blog, loads of changes for you guys since I was an intern in '97. I don't think we were really acquainted, but I am from KLCC the church that Marco Palumbo is from. His bother and mine are pastors together. 'Nother small world thing-- I met your cousin Suzan last autumn at a Starbucks in CT. We've become friends, and were just chatting about you and Rich the other day.
I'm headed over to SA for a wedding in October, so will look you guys up then. Lots of love!

Jennifer Pendley said...

I thought the Pursuit of Happyness was slow moving too but good. Just when you think your life is tough, his was worse. I have heard Meet the Robinsons is good but I think I will wait until its on video. Much easier to pause a movie at home for potty breaks than in the theater! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Michelle Franzen said...

To clarify, these are recent movies I've enjoyed. We watch a lot of the oldies and my kids love them!

Oh and I actually think Meet the Robinsons is in your theatres?? ALthough I too would wait for the rental as good ole USA theaters are quite the rip off but you know that. :-)

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for the critique on Meet the Robinsons! It is in our theaters now but haven't taken the kids because we haven't heard anything about it. There are so few good, clean movies that come out for kids. Thanks Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, glad to hear "Meet the Robinsons" was good as we want to take Mark and Luke to see it while they're here.
We liked "Amazing Grace" the story of the song and the person behind it and William Wilberforce who worked at getting slavery abolished in England. Also saw The "Ultimate Gift" which was very good. A spoiled rich kid learns what it's like to work and his experiences that are required by his deceased father before he earns his inheritance. It's a good one to see.