Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Night at the Oscars

(Insert picture of Tom Cruise dressed in an Armani black suit) “And the winner of Kool Daze photo contest goes to…..(drum roll) Michelle Franzen and she takes not only first place but second as well!”

Lights flash to me…insert pic of me waving my hands in front of my face as if I am batting flies away, mouth hung open in disbelief and eyes moist with tears of sheer joy….

“I am just so overwhelmed; I never win anything. First, I would like to thank the Academy, my parent’s for their wonderful upbringing, Kara Stevens for sending us the much coveted Dr. Pepper, my wonderful husband for the hours he encouragingly stood by me while I shot, deleted, shot, deleted… (insert background 'wrap it up music' here) And most of all I would like to thank my Lord and Savior! I love you too” (me reciprocating the fans screams of “I love you” from the crowd)!

Oh sorry, I must have drifted off after reading Karen’s Winner’s post today. Here are the winning photos.

1st place- Cheers to Karen's photo contest

2nd place- I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?"

In addition to my vivid imagination, and humble nature I guess you could add competitive. Thanks Karen, you made my day!


Lori B said...

Cute post!!! Congrats on winning.
I liked both of your photos.

Heidi Jo said...

Well, I posted my congrats on Karen's before I clicked over to the Oscar page.

It has to be the eyes, since they're the only thing we can see...they are beautiful!

Just be thankful I didn't enter...I play to win! :-)

Ginger said...

You obviously did not read my comment about being humble that I posted on your last blog! I could repost it, but I'll spare you the shame now that you wrote this entire "pat yourself on the back" post today :)


Did I mention that I got a new Joyce Meyer Bible for my bday? It has this really awesome section in the back with subject headers and verses that relate...ei.
Humility and Pride
Ps 25:9
Ps 69:32
Ps 147:6
I could write all of them down, but I was just wanting to give an example of how cool my gift is, hehehe.

Just Mom said...

Heidi -- It sounds to me as if someone needs to read your blog post today about narcissism. ;-)

Lisa H said...

Nice job, Michelle! I loved your entries! Do you get a really cool prize? :)

Ginger said...

Only thing missing in this post is Michelle singing...yes, "I did it Myyyy Way!!!!!" Come on, Michelle, find a way to add audio, please! Your fans are waiting. This could be your big break.

Debbie said...

I'm bitter and think the whole thing was rigged! Who did you sleep with to win first and second prize, Michelle?! From the Honorable Mention. (Reminds me of the painful day I won "Most Improved" in volleyball. Who cares about that? I wanted "Most Valuable Player." All the rest of the awards are just to try to make you not feel so bad that you're not the best!!!)

Heidi Jo said...

debbie- all part of the 'self esteem movement' :-)

Teresa said...

Congrats Michelle! (BTW when do we get that money you promised us for voting for you?)

gaylafriend said...

I knew I did a good thing by introducing you to Karen! Congrats! Adorable pics.

Michelle Franzen said...

Heidi thanks for the sweet compliment...the last "compliment" I received about my eyes was from my 5 year old son (4 at the time).."Mommy, your eyes are cracked" That was when Tori was a newborn and I was sleep deprived resulting in blood shot eyes amongst other things. See Ginger although I appreciate you keeping me accountable my kids keep me from getting too puffed up..that and my many mistakes.

Deb, if it is any consellation I voted for you.

Oh, and all bribe proceeds will got to the charity of my choice and I choose Impact Africa, Inc.

Shanygne said...

That Dr. Pepper picture is GORGEOUS! You are beautiful!

Congratulations...on the contest AND being able to pat yourself on the back...very healthy. No therapy needed. We have ot make up for all those times we guilt ourselves over things we can't control...
Love you!

Debbie said...

Michelle, I was going to say thank you for voting but I wanted that other comment to be all bitter and that would have ruined it. So, "Thank you for voting for me!" And I look forward to your post letting us know what your kids are learning from the ABC poster you're getting. You'll be thinking of a contest to have so you can give it away to someone else as a prize!

Karen said...

AHH HAAHAHA ROFLPIMP (roll on floor laughing piss in my pants) <--sorry about the swear.

I think I need to fly to S.A. to present your special award with much pomp and fanfare. I mean... this amazing! First time in HISTORY that anyone has ever won FIRST AND SECOND place in one of my blog contests!!! It's simply amazing. AMAZING I SAY!

All the bribe proceeds could go towards a plane ticket for me to get over there... (thanks for introducing us Gayla--I think... whatever, it's a trip to S.A. for me. Woohoo!).

Michelle Franzen said...

To show what a good sport I am I will differ my lovely prize and bequeath it to the Honorable Mention! Deb it is all yours---see good things come to Honorable Mentions. Didn't that happen at the Academy Awards once...someone tried to give away their Oscar?

Karen looks like you can call the airlines and cancel your trip. :-( Deb will provide you with particulars as to where HER prize can be sent.

See Ginger your prayers are working. :-)

Karen said...

WOW--for real Michelle? You are bequeathing your ABC Kid-Unfriendly Banner to the Honorable Mention? We're you afriad to hang that banner?? I hope you know what you're doing. This could invoke rioting in the streets. OK--but people... I need addresses!!

My eyes are cracked today!

Ginger said...

Awwww Michelle, I knew it was in you the entire time! You are so humble and gracious as well...tear, tear. I feel so excited for Deb! I bet she can hardly contain herself. I have asked Karen to post a photo of the lovely prize for all to see once again. Michelle, you will feel so good about yourself when you see once again just what it is that you have forfetted. My faith and confidence in you has been totally restored :) :) :)

Debbie said...

Nooooo! Please no! My boys will be scarred for life if they see it. (That's what I get for whining!)

That is so sweet of you, really, Michelle. But, I'm not ready for my kids to run around the house all day chanting "condom, condom, condom!"

Maybe Karen's dad wants it?!?