Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Day of Hope

Today is a public holiday here and my internet is back up after being down for 24 hours. Both vivid reminders that I live in Africa.

It is Human Right’s Day and is observed on the same day as the Sharpeville massacre of 1960 that took place here in South Africa. 69 (African) people were massacred by the apartheid police in one of the most gruesome violations of human rights in South Africa's history.

You may not know much about my beloved country unless you watch Oprah, listen to Bono, or paid attention in geography class. In 1990 a man affectionately known by many as Madiba was released from prison after 27 years of imprisonment. Not long after he became the first African president of the RSA and is credited as the father of democracy for this nation. FYI this is a good thing to remember if you’re a game player as it is a Trivial Pursuit question…answer- Nelson Mandela.

South Africa is no longer under the abuses of apartheid yet a new umbrella of despair torments many of its people especially its children. One of poverty, crime, extreme abuse, and hopelessness.

Many people around the globe are working feverously to bring awareness and aid to these people and many bring with it the precious truth of Christ’s love.

In the busyness of your day would you take a moment and say a prayer for the precious people of South Africa, especially the 40% of the population under the age of 18. They are in desperate need of a healing touch and are awaiting their day of hope.


Heidi Jo said...

Dear Lord,
Touch the hearts of your children of South Africa. Bring them ever closer to healing and spiritual health through the work of warriors for you like the Franzenfam. Stengthen and encourage all of those who work for your Kingdom in SA and bless their service.
Thank you, Lord for my e-friend Michelle.
IJN- Amen

Hope that wasn't inappropriate, Karen might have a rule about praying in someone's comment box :-) But I hate to say, I'll pray for you, and not do it IMMEDIATELY!

Oh yeah, BIG TRIVIAL PURSUIT that info is helpful.


Just Mom said...

Yeah. What Heidi said. :-)

Just Mom said...

The name of the book would be much appreciated. :-)

Anonymous said...

Amen and amen to Heidi's prayer! You pray it and preach it girl!
We can all stand together on this one!

Love you Michelle, but you already know that. My prayers do not end today for this beloved country. My heart cries out for the people. I am going to go get Alicia's book of photo's just to remind myself of who they are and the desperation of Africa.

Michelle Franzen said...

Thanks ladies for your heart felt prayers and agreement. My husband departs tomorrow for some large crusades by a well known international evangelist taking place on the S.Coast of SA. Upon his return we begin a crusade (on a much smaller scale)very close to home. Please add your prayers for these 'days of hope'. thank you!

Heidi, not inappropriate at all you can pray as loud as you want on my blog. Appreciate it!

Teresa said...

God bless you and your family for all you do for the people of SA. My prayers are for you, your work, and your people there in SA that need the Lord's touch in so many areas.

~ Amy ~ said...

Amen, Heidi.

Lisa H said...

Love the picture with this post. Very cool. I've been praying for your country since I "met" you on this blog.

I'd love to hear how you and your family ended up there in the first place!

Michelle Franzen said...

Wow, Lisa that is a bit of a long story. I recently wrote an article about it perhaps I should just email that to you. :-)

gaylafriend said...

Michelle, I pray for you and for S. Africa every day. I really mean that. Thank you for being the willing vessel to go. The LEAST I can do is be the willing vessel who prays.

You guys are loved!!!

Lisa H said...

Yes, please! Do you have my email address? I really would love to read that.