Friday, February 23, 2007

It's a.....

bird! It’s a plane! It’s………

my Supermen!

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, faster than a speeding bullet, and really, really handsome my Superman Returned from America.

My Superboy (he is quite super) and 13 of his cohorts will celebrate his 5th birthday today with none other than a Star Wars party.

I love my Superheroes!


Heidi Jo said...

I bet you have a smile that just won't quit about now!

You are a brave mama. I don't do the big birthday parties very well...or at all. One or two friends maybe, but even that is rare. It's just us and the kids and some grandparents and cousins.

Have a fun weekend!

Heidi Jo said...

Oh yeah, did you get anything cool brought home for America?

Teresa said...

Yea! Your husband is back! You made it! I am so happy that Rick made it back safely.
You are brave to take on all the 5 year olds. The big parties make me nervous too...I haven't yet attempted it and hope the family parties thrill them for a few more years :)
I'm wondering too if Rick brought anything fun back for you and the kids.

rae said...

I always thought Rich looks like super man. Have you heard that before?
I can't believe you have 3 kids! I only had the pleasure of knowing one of them and it seems like it wan not all that long ago...but it's been 7 years!!! How time flies.

Just Mom said...

You'll have to post photos of the Star Wars party. My son will flip when he sees those.

Have a wonderful day with your favorite guys. I'm happy your husband made it home safely.

Michelle Franzen said...

Rich's dad came too so his mom had him bring over a lot more stuff. Between what the grandparents brought, the other grandparents sent, friends sent, and items Rich brought I should have hauled out the Christmas was fun.

Lots of gifts, clothes, shoes (Grandma has a shoe fetish), and DVDs for the kids....all that stuff is cheaper and better quality there. American foods I can't get here--brown sugar, Starbucks coffee, choc. chips, maple syrup, salsa..etc.

And Rich got me a cool (or should I say warm) Northface jacket and ipod. Neat thing about the ipod is a dear friend of ours wanted to makesure Rich got me something I wanted (which was an ipod)and gave him a Best Buy gift certificate to cover it.

We all were spoiled rotten!

Shanygne said...

Oh, yeah! I have never noticed how much they look alike!

Have a great party!

Glad you got so spoiled... how fun.

Lori B said...

Sounds SUPER fun!! He will have a great birthday. I like to do that for my kids too. They always want there friends over for birthday parties.
My son loves Star Wars too!! He has most of the movies and etc.

Anonymous said...

Great picture!! So happy for you and know Blake's party will be a great success but I'm jealous (will have to repent) because I can't be there too.
Wasn't his last birthday Star Wars or was that a friend?
What's with the Superman shirts?

Lisa H said...

So happy that your husband is back home with you! You survived! :)

Hope the birthday party was fun--Happy Birthday to your son!

Sounds like you got some fun treats from the good ol' USA! Any Starbucks coffee in there? :)

Anonymous said...

YES! He's back home with YOU! God is good, isn't he? I love the picture and the mental picture of all the treats and surprises. Blessings to all and mostly to the birthday boy for a year of God's best!
By the way, I'm so glad you love me even if I hate Starbucks. I sure love you and I know we would have a good time no matter what we were drinking together:)