Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Highlights

We had a wonderful, low-key Christmas just the 5 of us! Thought I would share a few of the highlights.

Favorite Remarks

“Dad, I think Santa got stuck in the chimney and died.”
Mark, my 4 year old nephew

While swimming in 90 degree weather on Christmas Day Blake asked, “When is it going to snow?”

“I would give up all my presents if the sick babies we’ve been praying for could be healthy and home for Christmas!” Skyler

Most traumatic memory

Jennifer, Rich’s sister, 10 years younger recanted this Christmas horror when she was four years old.....Rich told her there would be no Christmas presents that year because Santa was killed in a car accident. Nice big brother hey?!

Favorite Pictures

I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas. I would love to hear about it! Won’t you comment on at least one highlight?


Anonymous said...

Ha - got you this time - Mark is 3 years old.
I cried when I read Skyler's comment - Wow! She is destined to do great things for God!!
Blake is too funny - I have a good reply but guess it wouldn't be appropriate for him.
So Rich was a Kivetka` too hey.
You have such cute children (I'm not prejudiced of course) and that picture of Tori is adorable!

karenkool said...

I love your pictures--too cute--and the kid quotes, as well. My 4-year-old, when asked what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas, responded with authority, "Santa doesn't know everything!!"

Anonymous said...

Our highlight was giving my parents a car...a gift from Toby. He really wanted to give it to them on Christmas Day, so we hid it in our garage and then got to "give" it to them Christmas morning. I thought about you guys today as I was putting the decorations away. The Santa Basketball ornament you guys gave Ben will remind me of you every Christmas!!!!! :)
Miss you!!!

Ginger said...

Having our Texas kids home has been so wonderful. Our hearts will be very empty when they leave at the end of the week. I love being with my daughter so much! There have been too many special moments to even write about and yet nothing other than just every day life. I guess that's what so great about it...

Ginger said...

I remembered one very special moment to share with you. Christmas Eve after church my parents came to share a huge dinner with us and then open gifts. We all sat down ready to open gifts when my son-in-law began playing his guitar and singing Silent Night in Spanish. My father then asked him to sing it in English and we all joined in. We continued to sing caroles for a bit. This was an old tradition for Beto's family and a new one for our family. It was priceless.

Shanygne said...

Those kids seriously get more gorgeous every time I see them!!

Skyler blows me away...what a tender, beautiful heart.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. highlights. Getting stranded at a Motel 6 on Christmas Eve during a blizzard?? That's probably not what you were looking for. For me, it was just time w/ my sister and her three kids. They're precious! I spent an afternoon coloring with my 5 yr old niece and it made her day.


stolmit said...

One Christmas while living in Tennessee Santa showed up at my aunt's house on Temple Hill drunk. He nearly ran the jeep into the carport. It wasn't a pretty sight. Come to find out Uncle Gary was wearing Santa's suit. My aunt and mother told all of us, "Your Uncle Gary likes Santa so much he had Aunt Loretta make him an outfit that looks just like Santa's. Your Uncle Gary also got into the spirit of Christmas the non-Baptist way this year. So he's going home now." We still got to open our gifts and continue with our Christmas Eve party. Uncle Gary did have to go home though. I think Aunt Loretta stayed, can't remember.

Candi Hester's Kokomo Blogs said...

We had a great Christmas! We miss you guys and talked about you alot with the kids over the holidays. Tell Skylar that Grace got to go to the Nutcracker too with her Nana. Here's one of our funnies: Will's being too rough with something he just got. Me,"Will,be careful that costs Santa a lot of money. You should be careful so he'll know you're thankful." Will,"Santa doesn't buy toys he makes them." Me,"Not this one, he bought it at Target so Target won't go out of business!" -OK so I don't get mother of the year!

Sohailah said...

darling quotes, sweet children's hearts. Man, I MISS you!

Janelle said...

Your kids are such cuties - can't imagine how everything you're experiencing is influencing them for the long haul.

Blessings to you all...