Sunday, November 26, 2006

An 'African' Thanksgiving

We’ve had a wacky ‘holiday’ weekend. For starters it wasn’t a holiday. On Wednesday while cleaning out the garage Rich pulled down the Christmas tree box. The box ended up in the middle of the living room so up went the tree. We all dreamed of sugar plum fairies opposed to candied yams.

Thursday was business as usual…..kid’s to school, swimming lessons, errands, work…etc. We did manage to have pumpkin pie for dessert and I did some Thanksgiving activities with kids (what is T-day w/o handprint turkeys?) but no turkey and stuffing.

Friday I went shopping but not until 9 a.m., there were no crowds (most people were working) and nothing was on sale.

Saturday we joined 6 fellow Americans and 5 Africans for a ‘proper’ Thanksgiving feast. This is my favorite meal of the year and although my culinary skills are lacking I do make a mean turkey and dressing (Grandma’s recipe) so I offered to bring the bird! As the yummy dinner culminated 20 more Americans showed up…most with dessert in hand. You know how much I enjoy a good cup of coffee but when accompanied by awesome American desserts my enjoyment jumps to a whole new level. I definitely was in hog heaven….pun intended as I ate like a pig!

Sunday the Christmas decorating resumed. So our Thanksgiving was a bit out of order but all in all it ROCKED!

I will leave you with a question. I pulled out my Christmas music while decking the halls. I LOVE Christmas music and have some great CD’s…Harry Connick Jr., Jewel, The Nutcracker, even Elvis but I want some new tunes this year.

Help me out…what is your favorite Christmas CD?


Sohailah said...

I am embarrassed to say my favorite memories still stem from Amy Grant's Christmas album - yes.... I am old! I also like one from John Rutter - all christmas carols sung by his Choir - yes, old and a Choir GEEK!

karenkool said...

An Evening in December--there are two and they are over 15 years old... but I love 'em.

Glad to hear about your festivities!

gaylafriend said...

My fav is the music from A Charlie Brown Christmas! It's by the Vince Guaraldi Trio and it is just so fun- very jazzy.

Lily said...

Mariah Carey and Avalon...I love Christmas because everything smells crisp and cinnamony...what is the weather like in South Africa???

Anonymous said...

Mariah Carey is good and I grew up with Amy Grant playing in the background EVERY year while we decorated the tree - so even though some of it is a bit cheesy it's got memories attached so I love it! Especially the song "Breath of Heaven" - that one gets the tears going almost every time just like "Mary Did You Know".
~Molly O

Beth said...

I love Vince Gill's "Let There Be Peace On Earth". It is vintage too, but I still LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Selah. It's not real traditional, but it just gives me chills every times I hear it. My family all loves Steven Curtis Chapman and we listen to it every year over and over and over. It was so weird to walk around Waxahatchi in 80 degree weather and hear the Christmas music playing. That was a first for me - warm weather and Christmas music :)

Shanygne said...

I really like Harry, but we also love Michael W. Smith's Christmas album, and Avalon's... I try to collect a new Xmas CD each year...looking to get a new Harry Connick Jr, this year.