Sunday, September 24, 2006

Church at the Franzens

Caveat: I am an advocate for going to church and normally we attend a great local service but it was one of those mornings.

Our “living room” church service went something like this…..

Starbucks was not only served it was allowed into the sanctuary, much to Skyler's chagrin (she wore her Sunday's best) Rich and I attended in our pajamas, Chris Tomlin led us in worship (it was awesome) and no make-up or hair “doing” was required.

Order of Events
Skyler made sure there was a “proper” (her words) detailed plan in place.
1. Worship with Chris
2. Skyler recited a memory verse and took the offering**
3. Rev. Richard T. Franzen delivered a power-packed 7 minute sermon (we all tend to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder)
4. Blake listened as best as one can while doing somersaults
5. I had nursery duty (aka chased Tori around)

During our closing prayer, I teared-up thinking how incredibly blessed I am to be able to worship whenever and wherever I want and that my family, although flawed, deeply loves the Lord!

**the offering collected will be given to our normal place of Sunday worship….in case you were wondering (I was).


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle! I am SO disappointed that I missed your and Rich's phone call! I wasn't sure how to call you back. Anyway, thank you so much for thinking of me today! I love and miss all of you so much!
~Joy Joy

michelle franzen said...

Happy Birthday Joy-Joy! So sorry we missed you. We love you and will try calling again soon!

Anonymous said...

That picture is so sweet - it reminds me of the old Jars of Clay song "Faith Like a Child".

gaylafriend said...

awesome. just awesome.

Beth said...

Too cute!

Too bad the "offering" couldn't be used to buy new furniture for your "sanctuary" yesterday. Is there anything more fun than buying new living room furniture?

Shanygne said...

I lvoe worshipping to Chris, too... his CD got me thru the worst time in my life.

I LOVE that picture of Skyler worshipping!! amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, MeShell! I want to just squeeze that cute little worshipper.That is one church service Jason and I are really sad we missed! one of our favorite too.

Molly said...

How precious. I love mornings like that. We had a great service at our church this Sunday... only our pastor would bring out a live goat when talking about Jesus as our scapegoat. I thought, if he sacrifices the thing on stage... I'm outta there. He didn't. : )

michelle said...

So cute. The Arnold fam has had a few church services like that too:-)