Monday, September 11, 2006

Beacon of Light

I arose today and said a deep prayer for all those that lost someone in the horrific tragedy now known as 9/11. I am sure for so many this will be a difficult day as the memory is vividly awakened by the images of the events that happened on this day, five years ago.

I was also reminded that it is friend and fellow blogger, Michelle Arnold’s b-day. Michelle, I recall a conversation where you mentioned how difficult it is to share your birthday with the sadness this day now represents. How do you celebrate when so many are grieving?

My thoughts then veered to the example of goodness you, Michelle represent especially on such a difficult day. Where there is grief, sadness, and hardship there is always a beacon of light!

Michelle, I pray you have a great day and celebrate to the utmost with your family! You are a beacon of light in so many ways for so many people. Thanks for being the reminder that there is much good in the world even in tough times.

Go to and wish Michelle a happy birthday.


Beth said...

Such a nice post about Michelle—and a great way to think about 9/11.

On the address for her site, you need to add "the" or it takes you to a different one.

Anonymous said...

You are so lovely inside and out. I too am praying today. I went to Michelle's site because you got my curiosity up. OK - How did she do it? How did you do it? Did I start Jason off with the wrong training? :) Is it kinda like spoil a kid when they're little and when they turn 13 watch out? I may need some pointers!!! :)
-Just kidding! Candi

michelle arnold said...

Michelle, you are SO sweet. Thank you for all your kind words and your friendship over the years. Even though we are separated by an ocean, it doesn't feel like we are that far away from each other, does it?

You have encouraged and inspired me over the years, Michelle. I miss talking to you face to face and being a Beth Moore junkie with you. :-)

You and your family are an inspiration to so many people on your side of the world and on ours. It has been incredible to watch you all take steps of faith as you walk out your destiny.

Hope our paths cross again sometime soon. I'd love to catch up face to face and see all your kids- they look SO big. I also am a coffee drinker now, so we could even drink coffee together. :-)

Take care and thanks so much for such a wonderful birthday post. You blessed me more than you will ever know.

Love, Michelle